The Pop Books is a collection of interactive projects that use physical book as carrier and develop playful interactions to explore the new way of reading.


Susan B. Anthony Museum Handbook

Susan B. Anthony museum handbook is a design challenge made for the Susan B.Anthony museum at New York.

The idea of this handbook is inspired by Susan B’s diary and it is a critical part of the entire museum experience design.


Demo of the elsewhere AR version


The Jungle Book

How it works: When the users open a book, there will be the page of a random plant, but in the augmented layer, there will be a little elf character on top of the page and telling a story though the entire book. The way Vuforia work is it will recognize a pattern and then generated a virtual object on the target pattern.

Idea and features: I create a forest-style elf and also choose a book of planet to match the plot, and then set the book as the target pattern dataset. I imported the 3D model from Fuse to Unity and re designed the movement of the elf character to make it more suitable for the setting of a book.


Little Prince 

People spending less time on reading physical books this days, the idea of this project is to create a child-like interaction with the figure and the concept on the page. Instead of really reading in this way, this playful interaction can help the user to have a firmer memory of what they just read, and bring an interesting feeling into reading for both grown-ups and children.

How it works: The movement of open and close the book will reset the page for the user. When the reading page is displayed, you can use your finger to draw on the touch screen and the text will show up.


Web Mock-up Demo