This experience immerse the audience in a world inspired by drawing and surrealism, where cat can sit on any surface and glowing balls draw themselves and response to music played in the environment.


Experience 1

I built the ball model with tilt brush and then imported them into unity, use them as objects. The interaction of this project is straight and simple. Users can tab on any surface on the screen and then there will appear a cat. The movements of the ball are designed within a pre-designed pathway. And each ball has been assigned with different destination-point oder. The kitten and the ball emerged a delightful interaction with each other, and since it is what really happen in our everyday life, it’s easy to evoke users’ sympathy.


Expierence 2

This music piece is intended for use in dark environment such as medication space, private conversation or museum.  The Music and monologue is react to the distance of the user from the object, which also created a romantic atmosphere.


User Prototype: