Second Chance

IDEO CoLab Makeathon 2017

Second Chance is a credit system that grants the prisoners a second chance to assimilate into the society. With an AR visualizer, sensitive informations can only been seen under permission in a more private interface.


Key Words:

  • Blockchain

  • AR

What’ the Problem?

  • Confidential information of user

  • Credit identity system serve the community better


Design Process

Ideation: The key words we got is “Blockchain” and “AR” and to use them to improve or build a community credit system. During the brainstorming, we start from who’s our target user, and we choose the prisoner who’s ready to go back to society and need a second chance. The main reason for us to choose them as the target user is because they need certificate system to prove they are qualified and ready to get a job, also this system is designed to encourage them to perform well during their custody time.


Interaction Design: The Blockchain displays all the facets of a prisoner's daily life, from past time to community service, to track their attendance and performance, with the aid of the different levels of security and surveillance infrastructure already established in prisons. The scoring system will motivate and incentivize the prisoners by allowing them to gain access to more opportunities when they are released. Employers can extract the prisoners' performances visualized by AR simply via scanning a QR code to access the Blockchain System before hiring them.


Show case at IDEO CoLab